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It is against the law to tattoo a person under the age of 18, with or without parental consent.
We won't do it.

Welcome to Tattoo Heaven

Tattoo Heaven is a friendly and inviting studio located in New Chapel Street, Blackburn, priding itself on it's cleanliness and hygene - something which is not only certified, but well received by our existing customers.

Whilst we have an extensive design collection for you to choose from, both James and Pete specialise in custom work and are happy to have an informal chat about any designs you may have in mind, and are more than happy to design a tattoo which is totally personal to you. Tattoos which you have designed yourself are also welcome.

All type of work are undertaken, from Black 'n Grey to full colour, Portaits to old school. We are more than happy to look at cover-ups and discuss covering or re-working.

Feel free to contact the artists to discuss your requirements, or just pop in for a chat.